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Offering Artistic  Foil  Stamping Finishes for Clients Products across the UK

Foiling stamping materials and equipment

Adding the perfect finish to your product is what will make it stand out from the rest, achieve that with the expert team at AOK Printers.

Our experienced printers have over 30 years’ experience working and producing quality, artistic finishes for clients across the whole of the UK. Specialising in the art of foil stamping, we provide a host of variations to create the perfect product for you.

Foil Stamping

Catch your customers eye with our foil stamping finish, using the letterpress method we are capable of blocking and embossing any product. We offer a wide range of variations beyond the standard gold and silver foiling, with pigmented, holographic, and security foils available.


All our foil printing solutions can be combined with embossed images, to produce varying tactile effects. Foiling enhances a printed message and provides shelf appeal for greetings cards, stationery, magazine covers, and brochures.

The foiling process is fully compatible with laser printers and able to be produced on a varying thickness of materials.

Foil Stamp lettering

Pre-Press and Finishing Equipment

Our pre-press is made up of Macs and PCs to a metal plate system for all presses, and disposable polyester plates are used for small offset.

The quality of our finishing equipment means we can create a variety of products, these include:

Pre-Press and Finishing Equipment

  • Guillotining

  • Trimming

  • Folding

  • Laminating

  • Cutting

  • Creasing

  • Saddle Stitching (for Booklet Making)

  • Wire Binding

  • Collating

  • Drilling

  • Glueing

For an artistic finish on your product GET IN TOUCH with AOK Printers,
providing foil stamping for customers across the whole of the UK.