PPE - Protective face coverings and masks

AOK has entered an entirely new business area

As a result of recent events AOK has entered an entirely new business area supplying clinical masks within clean room manufacturing to medical standards.

"We are in a position to step up to the challenge"

says Managing Director, David Turner.

AOK can supply disposable surgical-type IIR masks which are made up of 3-ply protective layers, providing bacterial filtration of 99% and are splash resistant to >16 kPa. Whats more, all components used are sourced and manufactured in the UK and are latex free*.

We are proud to be in this position and be able to sell the masks on a monthly subscription or contract basis, supplying customers with ongoing requirements be that for dental, veterinary businesses, care homes or members of the NHS Trusts and other professions.

For further information or to request a FREE sample please email david.turner@aokprinters.com

*Masks confrom to Regulatory statuses: EN 14683:2019 (European Standard)